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I think that school would be a lot better if they had more funds for visual aids and props. People learn more effectively when they can see what is being discussed. Books are great if you can remember what you have read. When you have an example or visual aid, you will be able to visualize and therefore remember the concept.

Some visual aids help you recognize examples in everyday life. Because they help clarify what is being taught, students may ask questions and be able to respond more because they understand. They will not be as afraid to speak up.

Not everyone can create a picture in their mind by hearing words only. That's why people love TV. It is made up of pictures all put together to create a movie or story. People would rather watch a movie made from a book than read the book.

With more money for school, teachers could get more props and visual aids to help the students understand. This would help their learning.

Gaylene C.
Lincoln Middle School, Grade 8
Clarkston, Washington
Teacher: Corrie Rosetti

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